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                         Business professional building Nordic bridges

Mr. Klas Blomqvist is the founder of Verde Consulting Oy Ab and is a B2B professional in international trade with experience from companies like Nokia and Siemens. He has closed numerous deals during his career and is specialized in working in multidisciplinary business environments. Klas has obtained a unique knowledge of the Nordic trade and industrial markets especially in Finland, Norway and Sweden.

Verde Consulting Oy Ab

Nuottakallio 1 H, FI 02230 Espoo, Finland                                                                                                     Tel +358 50 46 95 255                                                                       Email:             



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Does your company want to make successful business in Norway or Sweden?

Does your company seek Finnish business partners?

If your answer is affirmative, Verde Consulting Oy Ab is the ideal development partner for making a success of your plan. Typically a new market establishment is both a challenge and a risk, but it can be a great opportunity. By making right decisions and having an experienced development partner in the development phase limit the risk and maximize your company's business success.


The company's mission is to advance Nordic trade relations together with companies that desire to expand their business activities out from Finland and into Finland.

Verde Consulting Oy Ab is a company with expertise in trade between Finland and Norway or alternatively between Finland and Sweden. The company helps your enterprise to conduct successful business in respective countries in the following segments:

  • Energy, Oil & Gas
  • Engineering
  • Machinery & construction
  • Building technology
  • ICT & Industrial ICT


  • Business establishment and start-up support
  • Interim management assignments
  • Consulting services and development 









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